We can be a bright light between the two dark cold past and future eternities. We can free flow our conscience. Not using our memories to quickly recognize/understand what we’re seeing. Slow down ur moment to moment.  Know when ur looking thru ur memories. Practice knowing when ur doing it.


 Catfish was always considered oily & not a firm flesh.  I learned it’s flavor from a colored family that took me in on my afternoon hikes away from home.  He had a truck completely covered with glued on dolls, toys, anything he found.  The sign in his truck said in hand painted lettering next to a phone number, said; “You call, we haul”. The white picket fence around their (mother, & two children, much older than me) front yard lawn was also covered with the most interesting finds. He & I were cool, his family always started & questioned me). Their white wood sided house was on the north side of the twin rivers that ran between St. Joseph & Benton Harbor (which was a commercial lake boat harbor & loading dock for goods & passengers). Just up from the river marches. I had to walk by it going & coming from the docks, that I loved to to just be on. Watching.  Waiting, waiting for the magic, which always surprised me with its serendipititism way of existenc